Puppy Consultation Package £75

Having a puppy in the home is a wonderful experience, but it takes a lot of time and commitment to teach a puppy how to fit in to your family. Common puppy behaviours include biting, issues with toilet training, over excitement and settling down at night, among many others. In a Dogology puppy consultation we teach you effective ways of dealing with these issues as well as advice on how to support the development of your puppy as they grow up. These sessions are an ideal way of gaining a head start on your puppy's training from a fully qualified trainer.

The Process: Designed to gather detailed information to create an effective training plan

  • You will be sent an in-depth questionnaire to complete. This gives us a detailed history in order to create the most suitable training program for you and your puppy.

  • You will then get a 90 minute home visit at a time to suit you so we can discuss how to implement the training. We will show you how to deal with any puppy issues you are having and help your new addition fit into your family.

  • Dogology will create a detailed report outlining the training techniques and management to be used, as well as giving you a suggested schedule to follow and how to know when to move on to the next stage in the training.

  • You also receive two months unlimited email support from the date of the consultation. During this time, you can email Dogology as many times as you like with any questions you may have about the program and we will provide detailed feedback.

  • You may wish to have a follow up visit. It could simply be to have extra support in implementing the program or perhaps you would like to take the training further, if applicable. These sessions are 60 minutes and cost only £30 if booked within the two month support duration.