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Learn with an Agility 1st Instructor. An action packed dog sport, Agility is all about navigating a course of jumps, tunnels and obstacles. It's such great fun and there are so many new skills you and dog will learn. It takes training to teach the dog how to use each piece of equipment safely and accurately, and to learn to put sequences together. Watching their confidence and skill improve over time is immensely rewarding.

Agility 1st.png

By learning Agility, you and your dog will build on your bond as you do this fun activity together. Agility comprises of several pieces of equipment:

  • Jumps - these are set according to the height of your dog

  • Tunnels - these can be straight or curved

  • Dog walk - a raised plank with a ramp either side (pictured above)

  • A Frame - a wide ramp up then a wide ramp down

  • See saw - the dog walks on and causes it to tip to get off

  • Long jump - low planks the dog jumps over (pictured left)

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